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Benefits of Massage:

Massage therapy has been found to be beneficial for a significant number of conditions such as reducing stress, reducing pain, decreasing depression, preventing premature birth, enhancing growth and development, increasing attentiveness, increasing neuromuscular function and enhancing immune function.

A massage therapy session can simply provide a restful and refreshing interlude in an otherwise busy life. Also, massage therapy has been an effective remedy for musculo-skeletal conditions involving muscle tension. Massage therapy has gained a reputation for being beneficial in the treatment of conditions of the bodily system’s functions.

A general wellness or health massage aims to normalize body tissue and optimize function. Everyone can benefit from the health-promoting effect of massage. The main intention of a general wellness massage is to bring about the relaxation response, promoting muscular relaxation, and the enhance circulation of fluids, digestion and elimination. The effects of general relaxation alone have an impact on many physiological and psychological aspects of health and wellbeing. Massage also provides healthy touch, which is a basic human need.