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Continuing Education

I have recently completed another session of continuing education for my license renewal! I'm very excited to be adding to my knowledge and skills to help my clients.

One of the courses was on massage and bodywork for seniors. Though most of it was in working with seniors in assisted living or nursing care, it was quite helpful in techniques for use within my own studio.  Of course, as with about anything, the techniques are applicable in many settings and for far more than just seniors.  It even included some ways to help with skin care, particularly as we get older......which is all of us.

Additionally I took a course called "Winning out over whiplash" which was and will continue to be very helpful.

When a whiplash injury occurs, there are many more effects than just stiffness at the back of the neck.  Whiplash can happen as eveyone knows during auto accidents, but it can also come from sports injuries or falls.  A very interesting and quite helpful course.