Cecil Tice, LMBT
NC License #10770
Phone: 704-534-1739
Email: cmbt@carolina.rr.com
7327 Riding Trail Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212

Continuing Education

I have recently completed another session of continuing education for my license renewal! I'm very excited to be adding to my knowledge and skills to help my clients.

The lastest courses have me prepared for licensure until December 2020.


If you do not see the day and time you want, please either give me a call at 704-534-1739 or text me at the same number.  You may also send an email to cmbt@carolina.rr.com. You will be contacted as soon as possible.  

As of the last months, my credit card reader isn't working properly, so I have had to change how fees are paid. Until I get things back up and running, I will be accepting cash and checks only.