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Massage as Healing

Massage is healing and holistic and one of the traditional natural healing arts. It is a manual therapy, i.e. performed by hand, and it is the person-to-person touch that defines massage and gives it a unique healing potential.

Healing is defined as to make healthy, whole, or sound. It also means to enhance health and wellbeing, and the process of regaining health or optimal functioning after an illness or injury. Healing comes from the inside, and recipients are active participants in their own recovery. In contrast, the connotation of the word curing is something which comes from the outside, and given to a passive recipient. Massage is a method or enhancing the innate healing force already at work as living beings continuously try to repair themselves and try to maintain an integrated wholeness.

Holistic refers to approaches to health and healing to take into account the wholeness of human beings, including body, mind, emotions and spirit. In the holistic view, massage is applied to the physical body, yet it affects all other aspects of the whole person.

Massage is the intentional and systematic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to enhance health and healing. Its primary characteristics are touch and movement. The actions and intentions of the therapist constitute the massage technique. Through the medium of touch, the therapist’s actions (sliding, kneading, or stretching) cause movement of the soft tissues. Intention is the aim that guides the action, and is the essential part of the effective application of massage.