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Neuromuscular therapy

This modality focuses on the release of “trigger points” which are small spots in muscles that are sore or radiate pain. These points of tenderness may be felt as tense bands of tissue in muscles and tendons and are relieved through Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT).

Neuromuscular Therapy is performed to deactivate tender spots (trigger points) in muscle and connective tissues. Trigger points may develop as a result of trauma, poor posture, repetitive strain, or overwork of muscles. Trigger points cause pain, weakness, and limited flexibility, and can refer pain to other areas., Examaples of such is a trigger point in the trapezius and muscles of the neck can result in referred pain experienced as a tension headache, back pain can actually come from a trigger point in the abdominal muscles.

With the release of trigger points, pain is relieved, flexibility is returned and your peace of mind return. Many times NMT is employed in post event sports massage.