Cecil Tice, LMBT
NC License #10770
Phone: 704-534-1739
Email: cmbt@carolina.rr.com
7327 Riding Trail Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212

One hour massage

As is the case with tension many carry in their neck and shoulders, most  people carry tension in those areas as well as other parts of the body, sometimes making up an “ache all over” feeling and thus prevent the ability to relax and/or even get to sleep. A full body massage is exactly what is needed.

This full body massage allows you to relax the body and mind so can just seem to float away. You rise above what is holding you away from returning to health. You can regain your own center and allow the body, mind and spirit to catch up with each other, restoring both health of body and peace of mind.

Sports massage in any of its applications seem to be more beneficial in this amount of time and is open to anyone.