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Swedish (Therapeutic) Massage

Massage has been around for millennia; probably since early man hit his head on the roof of a cave instinctively began to rub it to reduce the pain. Massage in Asian countries developed according to Eastern philosophy and spirituality; theories of energy movement and clinical practice. Massage in Western society was originally based on early religious and medical ideas and has evolved under the influence or modern medicine, biology, and sports models.

Swedish massage is the systematic and scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of establishing or maintaining good health. Massage is used for a variety of reasons: to bring a client to a deeper level of relaxation, to rehabilitate, to prevent an injury, or to slow the progression of an illness. The most widely used system of massage therapy in North America is the Swedish system. It includes basic massage strokes or movements, namely effleurage (gliding), pétrissage (kneading), friction, tapotement (percussion) and vibration (shaking). Execution of these strokes can be measured by several qualities, including intention, touch, depth, pressure, direction, excursion, speed, rhythm, continuity, duration and sequence.

It also includes Swedish gymnastics, which are performed on articulated body segments, including stretches and joint mobilizations and can be performed actively or passively. Active movements can be assisted or resisted.