Cecil Tice, LMBT
NC License #10770
Phone: 704-534-1739
Email: cmbt@carolina.rr.com
7327 Riding Trail Rd, Charlotte, NC 28212


Excellent massage. One of the best massages I ever received. I think he touched my soul. Amazing. Gale

Very relaxing! He did a great job making me feel comfortable and relaxed. Jessica

Not rushed. Excellent massage. Joe

He explained what he was going to do beforehand, and did it wonderfully. Rusty

Cecil knew exactly what I needed and knew what to do to fix me up. Lynn

Cecil has a peaceful and unburdened spirit which is communicated in his touch. Lynette

Relieved my back problem. Others have not been able to do as well before. Darren

His work on my back issue far exceeded what I had tried before. Mark

Cecil has a personal warmth. He pays special attention to problem areas. Diana

Probably one of the most thorough massages I’ve ever had. I feel great. Lee

I have a severe knee injury that is complicated by other leg "issues" that have developed as a result. Cecil was very knowledgeable and delicate when it came to handling my complicated situation. I felt very relaxed and at ease when he was finished, and my leg and whole body felt fantastic. I highly, highly recommend him to anyone!!! Heather R.

I have never had a massage before, and now I know what I have been missing! Cecil is a certified pro, and was able to get some knots out of my back that have been causing me pain. He is very knowledgeable and professional. Joe R.

My massage was awesome! I Highly recommend you try Cecil. He really helped with some shoulder soreness I have been having. Also a great way to de-stress, relax and feel renewed, I will be back. Randy

Clean, inviting environment. Easy online appointment scheduling with automatic confirmation. Great massage from Cecil! He was able to pinpoint problem areas quickly and provide relief. Really a good experience! Paul W.

Excellent Massage, Cecil was very attentive to my needs and I left completely satisfied and relaxed. I'll be booking regularly. Extremely intuitive as well, which was very refreshing these days. Edward C.